Therapy provides the opportunity to talk with a professional who is trained in human behavior, relationships, and the art of listening. It can be the process by which you improve your quality of life by identifying and understanding the deeper issues that may be contributing to the disappointments you are experiencing.


Enhance or restore your marriage. Explore current dynamics and behavior patterns. Figure out what's not working, fix it, and get back on track – or develop a relationship you've never had! Find out both the positives and negatives of how your couple relationship functions. This will make your efforts more productive and rewarding.



The breaking of trust is devastating. Learn how to rebuild your marriage into a relationship that is different and even better than before. Taking responsibility for yourself will be the beginning of recreating your dream (relationship).

Stepfamily Issues

Confused and frustrated by your stepfamily? Stepkids driving you crazy? Is what you're doing not working? You're not alone. Learn the tools to help navigate your way to success. Save yourself from another divorce!!

Anger Issues

Discover what's really ticking you off and find the “four letter words” that work! Get there, get under it, and then get out productively (before you punch the meter maid). Beneath anger many times are historical wounds and pain. Discovering the underlying causes can free you from the emotional paralysis that sets in.

Male Issues

When men feel powerless in a relationship, they can often resort to anger in order to maintain power and control. This damages the relationship and they sabotage what they really want. Willingness to explore you and learn relational skills will bring the success and pleasure. It is possible!

Spiritual & Psychological Integration

Truth is truth where ever you find it. Bringing together spiritual and psychological principles can bring congruence and peace into your life. God set up the system; we need to learn how it works.