Most of us were never taught how to talk - or more importantly - how to listen. In fact, most of us don't listen, we wait to talk. And, when we don't get our "air-time" we may interrupt!

Many times we respond to what we think we are hearing, and then react from our own emotional triggers. This usually leads to misunderstanding and conflict. We listen for "what's in it for me?" rather than getting into the other person's world and finding out what I can learn about them.

Communication Impacts Every Area of Your Relationship

Communication skills are the process we use to deliver our content. Depending on the effectiveness of the process will determine the satisfaction of the interaction and whether we will strengthen or harm the relationship.

The courses engage all of your learning capacities and awaken awareness of yourself and others. It will be a new way to "do life." You can learn to drive safely on the communication freeway – especially in traffic. Check out the different courses and determine the best one for you. Contact

Individual and Corporate Teams
Couples Communication I : Collaborative Marriage Skills
Couples Communication II : Thriving Together



Individuals / Corporate Teams


Content for Core Communication

Easy-to-learn program that teaches you 11 communication skills for talking, listening, making decisions, and resolving conflicts effectively. Knowing the “Styles of Communication” and the “Special Processes” will give you options to choose effective interactions in any situation, including how to handle resistance. You will understand the different types of anger, identify your own, and learn interventions for responding effectively to whatever is coming your way.

Formats for Core Communication

Core Communication Skills can be taken with a group of individuals related by business, family or not at all. This can be done in 6 sessions of 90 minutes each.

It can also be taken privately in your own personal sessions of 60 - 90 minutes each. The recommended time frame for this format is 12 hours.

Client Quotes

"The most useful was how to handle resistance, the need to control self and strategies to do so. The training is truly the beginning. Application and continued implementation will involve ongoing learning and deep self-awareness. The instructor modeled the skills well. Thank you! I'm a better person for the program."
Melissa Fackler
Middle School Vice-Principal
Rowland Heights, CA

"The Awareness Wheel revealed how my negative self-talk was affecting my communication with others. The Listening Cycle taught me to stop and listen and take in more information before responding. Carri worked well with my personality, gifts and ability."
Dawn Sutherland
Speaker Coordinator for Major Events

"Since I have gone through Couple Communication 1 and Couple Communication 2 and done individual coaching sessions with Carri, Core Communication Skills was an excellent reinforcement of the skills and deepened my understanding and use of the skills. I can't say enough about the profound impact Carri's personal example, teaching and insights, have been in my relational growth. She is a true professional!"
Joy Baxter
Manager, Hallmark Retail Store

"The most useful for me was establishing a common language within my management team. The exercises helped me identify areas for improvement and growth. The instructors interacted well to get the information across. Thank you for helping me to improve my life!"
Sheila Berg
Director of Sales Support
Interface Inc., CA



Couples Communication I : Collaborative Marriage Skills


Content for Couple Communication I : Collaborative Marriage Skills

Easy-to-learn, award-winning program that both partners participate in together. As a couple you learn 11 communication skills for talking, listening, making decisions and resolving conflicts together. You will choose together the issues to discuss when practicing the skills. Communication collisions are normal but not necessary. Understanding the “Styles of Communication” will give you options to choose effective interactions in any situation.

Format for Couple Communication : Collaborative Marriage Skills

Couple Communication I is best done in four sessions of two hours each. A total of eight hours. Ideally they are scheduled one week apart, however this can be flexible depending on coordinating schedules.

Client Quotes


"At a time when our marriage could have sustained a major blow, using these skills gave us the ability to give each other freedom to resolve a disastrous situation." Female/ Walnut, CA

"Learning the four different styles of talking and listening helped me recognize where we are having the most difficulty and how to move from that point. This course helped me discover some deep-seated issues that weren't being addressed in our relationship." Female/ Anaheim Hills, CA

"I appreciated the 'hands on' approach to learning the skills. The kinesthetic process helped me step outside the framework of my communication style as well as work within to gain a better understanding of myself and of my wife. We discovered where we are and where we can go from here" Male/ Covina, CA

"This course has provided me with ways to tackle the issues without having to tackle each other. Also, I've learned to take responsibility for my part in the 'dance'." Male/ La Verne, CA


"I came in a skeptic and ended up appreciating Carri's insights, warmth, and wisdom. I was captured by her unusual skill of tracking exactly what people said and feed back to them not only their words but also the meaning. I learned the "power" of listening. Her ability to remain objective was commendable. Few people could have impacted me the way she did in four weeks." Male/ Placentia, CA

"I really appreciated Carri's guidance during the in-class practice and her fantastic personal examples." Male/ Chino Hills, CA

"The instructor was eloquent and professional." Female/ West Covina, CA

"I enjoyed your wit. Your personal comments are very insightful. Thanks for all the encouragement. Your coaching technique promotes growth; you build and don't tear down." Male/ La Mirada, CA



Couple Communication 2

Couples Communication II : Thriving Together

Content for Couples Communication II: Thriving Together

Couple Communication II builds on the skills learned in Couple Communication I. You and your partner fine-tune collaborative ways of communicating and relating, particularly in pressured, stressful situations. It includes managing your own, and responding to your partner's, anger more effectively. You will learn the skills to identify your values and goals then explore ways to set plans for your future.

Format for Couples Communication II : Thriving Together

Couple Communication II is best done in five sessions of two hours each. A total of ten hours. Ideally they are scheduled one week apart, however this can be flexible depending on coordinating schedules.

Client Quotes

"CC2 has given us the wisdom to choose a healthier way to behave with one another when conflict arises. Using these skills and principles has helped us have a growing and rewarding marriage. We are enjoying the journey of constructing a new framework for our lives."

CC2 brought our marriage to a deeper level of intimacy by knowing how to engage each other's anger. Being aware of the "Styles" of talking and listening enhanced our ability to clearly communicate our thoughts and feelings and develop stronger lines of communication. We now practice loving each other rather than focus on "being in love."
Mission Viejo, CA

CC2 was a valuable tool for us to help identify our anger and see how it impacted our marriage, each other and ourselves. It provided us with a "plan" to move out of the trap that our anger cycle frequently sucked us into. As we learned to respond to each other's preferred style of expressed anger with something completely different, we discovered we were able to manage our angry responses with a better result…self control!
Walnut, CA